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About Us fkih ben Salah

Al-Faqih Bensalah-Net is the first gate in the region of Beni Mellal Azilal. It was established on April 7, 2007, as it was a point of contact between the inhabitants and all belonging to the tribes of Bani Omair Bani Shakdal and the Greater Bani Musa in Morocco and abroad.

The field of online shopping has become the future of commerce, and that is why we established an internet market linked to the portal of Al-Faqih Bin Saleh-Net, where retailers and shoppers can benefit from it for free.

Al-Faqih Bensalah Net has become one of the largest e-commerce sites in the Beni Mellal and Khenifra regions, and includes several products from various categories that include electronics, fashion, home products, watches, perfumes, and others.

Al-Faqih Bensalah-Net today attracts hundreds of monthly visitors, and is growing rapidly due to the increase in the number of shoppers via the Internet in Morocco.

Al-Faqih Bin Saleh-Net is often called "Al-Faqih Bin Saleh Mall", and it operates as a retail site in addition to serving as a marketplace for sellers and merchants from the areas of Al-Faqih Bin Saleh-Khenifra. Al-Faqih Bin Saleh-Net offers a comfortable and safe shopping experience with the ability to pay in cash upon receipt of goods, and the possibility of returning them for free according to the sales policy of each merchant.

The (virtual) headquarters are in Al-Faqih Bin Saleh, and Al-Faqih Bin Saleh-Net meets the needs of the local markets in each of the regions of Al-Faqih Bin Saleh, Azilal, Khouribga, Khenifra, Al-Faqih Bin Saleh and Al-Nawah.

The administration of Al-Faqih bin Saleh-Net

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